One Quiet Moon.
its been a long time since he read a magazine to me. he likes to make the stories up, he knows he entertains me. it's been a long time and i know that he's been missing me, i just can't clean the coffee up. i might forget too easily.
please dont ever think that i made my baby up,
its just been too long and your opinions i just really couldn't give a fuck.
Good Night Cruel World.
I’m counting on it.
Shakespeare gotta get paid son.
it’s a cold world.
can i bum a smoke?


Tuesday is just Monday’s walk of shame. It aint as bad as Monday, but you still have to walk away from it with everyone watching and the thought of Monday sends a shiver down your spine and a tingling in your pants.


how i remember how to spell scissors.

-True Dat.
Bad Boyz 4 Lyf.